Football day for the “Kinder von der Straße e.V.” club

As one of the sponsors, the Schweizer Group helped finance the football day for the “Kinder von der Straße e.V.” club
at the Heinrich-Schickhardt school in Bad Boll.
The children’s club football day was held nationwide in children’s homes, holiday villages and schools. The aim of the club is to give children from all backgrounds and countries the platform for an understanding relationship with one another. The idea, through the sport, is to encourage team spirit and an understanding of different strengths and also weakness, learn how to resolve conflicts and overcome social boundaries and prejudices. These joint football days are held free-of-charge and enable children of all backgrounds and environments to get to know and appreciate one another better. The aim here is to help the children – especially those from socially disadvantaged families or from an environment with a migrant background – develop social contacts. As part of the children’s football day, the children receive a full day’s coaching under instruction from professional coaches from well-known football schools throughout Germany. The coaching includes both special coordination exercises, just like the star footballers get, but also exercises for the everyday sport lessons in the schools. It is also very important for the trainers to strike the right balance between fun and discipline. After the coaching sessions, each children’s football day ends with a small tournament.

This is the report from the organiser of the “Kinder von der Straße e.V.” club:
“It was an unbelievable football day at the Heinrich-Schickhardt school in Bad Boll: Oscar Cuquejo from 1. FC Nuremberg football club and Dieter Eckstein, former professional footballer at 1. FC Nuremberg, coached the children to the highest level.

From short passing games, coordination, shots at goal to overhead kicks:
The entire Bundesliga coaching gambit was given in an almost playful fashion.

The crowning conclusion was then a “Champions League” tournament.

The children had an unbelievable time. Mr. Doll from the Heinrich-Schickhardt school was thrilled:
“Two professional footballers with us in Bad Boll! Unbelievable.”

All the children were given a ball for the fantastic coaching.”

The report from the filstalwelle regional television channel can be found here: