How the Schweizer Group Plauen GmbH is becoming known throughout the region in a playful fashion

polar|1 GmbH in Zwickau had the idea of launching a Vogtland version of Monopoly, a game that has enjoyed decades of popularity. The streets or chance cards can then be sponsored by the participating companies.

In this version of Monopoly, the Schweizer Group Plauen is the patron of the city. And so the famous Mayfair is called Schweizer Group Plauen GmbH. However, to make the Plauen plant an active part of the game, a Community Chest card and a Chance card were sponsored with the following wording:

“Since 2016, Plauen Automobile Technology GmbH has been called Schweizer Group Plauen GmbH and holds an open day. Advance to Plauen.” And “Start a training course at the automobile component supplier Schweizer Group Plauen GmbH and receive a M 200 wage advance.”

“Vogtland Monopoly” hit the shops on 31.08.2016 and has been flying off the shelves ever since. The large-scale presentation event was held in the evening at the headquarters of the Sparkasse Vogtland bank. The Plauen plant was represented by the Plauen Plant Manager, Jörg Burmeister and recruiter Heike Stöss.